User journey mapper - business analist (D)

Digital Marketing


To support the launch of our new website, we need to map all the existing user journeys linked to our products. This is needed before we can start producing content.
We are looking for someone who can support us in the mapping of the user journeys: AS IS. We are not looking for a service designer or a user journey owner who is looking to improve the current user journeys. 
We are looking for someone who can link different sources of input and generate as an output a user journey map, which than can be translated by other people in the team into content.

The company wants to further expand knowledge management for a number of key projects: a new website and a new customer service approach.
Since knowledge management can only be built up if the user journeys are known, this will have to be accelerated.
The user journey mapper manages to map the user journey on the basis of existing studies, insights, processes and to present this in a clear manner. These user journeys will serve as the basis for feeding the knowledge database.

Specifically, the user journeys will have to be worked out for the following products and services:
- Admin mail
- Direct Mail
- Distripost
- Collect & Send
- First service
- Do My Move
- Maxiresponse

What do we expect from the user journey mapper?
- Skill to obtain different types of input from different stakeholders
- Analytical skills to go through all types of input.
- Being able to translate this input into user journeys
- Being able to present these user journeys.

BPOST00654 - User journey mapper / business analist (D)

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