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The company is part of the company's Global Supply and is responsible for manufacturing and/ or packaging products and for supplying these to company countries, third party customers for the company or other company manufacturing sites. The supply chain planner is responsible for managing the supply chain flow of one or more products in the plant.
Products in scope are pharmaceutical products which are packed and or manufactured by Puurs.
This function initiates short term and medium term packaging and manufacturing plans and monitors the execution across Packaging, Manufacturing, Quality assurance and Supply to achieve the preset site objectives with regard to Customer Service.
As such the function is responsible for an optimal balance between volume forecast, customer service, operational cost, semi-finished and finished goods stock for an extensive number of items throughout the supply chain.
Dimensions : 
Number and type of packaging lines : max 5
Approx. number of markets to be served : 150 international markets
Approx. number of end items to be planned : 200 – 500
Appox. number of semi finished products to be planned : 10 – 50
Total packaging volume to plan : 2 – 50 Mio units
Main accountabilities:
Area: Customer Focus 
- Process the demand forecast into a manufacturing / packaging / supply plan in accordance with the supply agreement parameters and planning parameters.
- Balance medium term demand with labour & machine capcity, define stock build up if needed.
- Make feasible packaging and manufacturing plans and align with the different production departments.
- Issue process orders for final packaging for delivery of product as needed to meet the conditions of the supply chain agreement. 
- Secure timely release of process orders by checking proactively availability of all components and materials.
- Monitor on a weekly base the coverage of all finished products in the different markets.  Act if needed upon changes in coverages by advancing or delaying packaging orders in order to prevent stock out situation in the markets or obsolescence of product.
- Follow up the quality release of all bulk,  semi finished and finished goods to avoid any supply issues to the end destination.
- Maintain daily communication between packaging, manufacturing, Quality Operations, Supply, Material planning to guarantee fast flow of materials and information in the Plant and to the Customer.
- For new products / new articles (SKU’s) : 
   - Monitor and coordinate all activities necessary to achieve timely launch, e.g. artwork initiation, artwork approval, regulatory approval, system set up.
   - Issue packaging orders  and monitor production and delivery planning to secure timely delivery and release in line with the launch plan.
- Inform supply colleagues,  and the relevant function of Global Supply Chain (regional and/or brand supply manager) of expected major supply issues in a timely way, including root cause of the issue, actions being taken for resolution, and expected resolution date.
- Elevate significant, or potentially significant supply issues to the Planning Manager/ Product Lead and contribute to a joint action plan for resolution or mitigation.
- Review the supply chain agreements with the supply colleagues / markets on an annual basis to secure continued optimization of inventory and supply/planning parameters.
- Manage all the planning parameters to have a errorless planning flow in the system.
- Implement on time the requested artwork changes in the market, respecting the due date for final release of the product in line with the implementation criteria.
Area: Financial 
- Collect, consolidate, verify and communicate forecasted volumes per article to be used in the operational plan (budget)
- Periodically review the demand forecast to detect important deviations from the information used for the operational plan (budget).  Inform supply chain management of detected relevant volume changes.
- Manage inventory levels of the product in the internal supply chain flow. Continuously monitor planning parameters (lead times and lot sizes) to optimize the total value of finished and semi finished goods in the supply chain from manufacturer through markets and eliminate non value activities.
- Monitor current and projected inventory of all materials  to detect potential distressed / expired material
Area: People 
- Organize and execute tasks and activities based upon Operational Excellence principles.  Use Opex  methods and tools to solve issues, eliminate inefficiencies and continuously improve the quality and the effectiveness of the work.
- Be back up for one of the other supply chain planners in the planning team in their absence.
- Be the supply chain planner representative in the product team if applicable.
Area: Internal Processes 
Change management : 
- Take responsibility in managing change over projects dedicated to his area of responsibility (change of API / SF , transfer of manufacturing operations in the site, transfer of packaging operations bulk in or out the site).
- Align with different departments to manage the change over  : product support, site compliance, supply, artwork, local data management, material planning.
- Set up the systems for new articles, or provide the necessary information and data to the relevant support function.  Monitor and verify timely and correct set-up.
- Update article information with new/changed information, or provide update information to the relevant support function and monitor and verify timely and correct set-up.
- Generate periodic standard reports containing supply performance and inventory situation, review the reports to detect issues, potential issues, and develop appropriate and effective corrective or mitigating actions.

Ideal Profile
- Level of education:  Minimum Bachelor degree ( Economics, Trade or Management) or equivalent trough experience;
- Experience:  Minimum 5 years working experience in a Supply Chain environment; Minimum two years experience in a planning environment of a production plant, preferably in the pharmaceutical industry.
- Languages: Excellent knowledge (written and spoken) of Dutch and English

Other qualifications: 
- Very good knowledge of planning tools and related reporting tools (Business Intelligence Tools).  
- Very strong communication skills. 
- Profile: Excellent verbal and written communication skills including a demonstrated ability to participate in teams.   Well developed interpersonal skills (team member, integrity, flexibility, creativity).  Experience in projects that require collaborative approaches, strong analytical skills & solid ability to understand business issues and processes.
- Academy: preferred but no obligation

Supply Chain Planner - Ref SRQ111587

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