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As a big retailer we are changing our IT environment and improving our business processes  like B2C, B2B, corportate processes, supply chain. That is the reason why we are looking for an IT integration Lead. As IT integration lead, you will combine technical and analytical skills with operational IT management and Project management, to support the IT organization and business with integration of information systems and platforms. 
You will be responsible for our IT shared platform components (service bus; security, authorization, search). You will support the operational maintenance of these platforms and the evolution of it together with some team members and the right service contracts.
You will be the first person of contact on the subject of integration of processes and systems.You are responsible for the integration between own systems and third party systems that they are safe, cost efficient...
You maintain SOA and the microservices architecture with your team. You work with product owners to a consistent solution and data architecture and you will follow up until technical implementation. You know what design patterns and data contract models are. You have functional knowledge and technical knowledge and use it to work with IT product owners to the integration of uses facing components with the server side logic you have attention for the reusability and maintenance of architectural components. You make sure that the systems are scalable and performant.
Beside our IT shared platform, you are also operationally responsible with your team and our infrastructure partners for our I&O. Our databases networkinfrastructure and serverinfrastructure are as well as on premise as in the cloud in good hands. (I&O management)
From an end to end service tought you make sure that the support of your IT team goes well. You actively contribute to the daily organization of the teamwork in an agile way with respect for the right priorities.
You follow the IT evolutions In your domain and work with an eye to improve and innovate the technical infrastructure
You are involved with the  draw out of changes of the integration architecture & solution architecture at all IT projects. 
For business departments and IT product owners you are technical point of contact about integration, platforms and infrastructure. 

Ideal profile: 
At least 5 years of experience as senior system developer or IT architect. You are familiar with integration of systems, and a service oriented architecture. You have experience with MS Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, … hybrid cloud knowledge is a plus!
You are tactical, you know how to work on an operational level, you have notions of data architecture,  application architecture,  as the operational IT technical performance of it.
You are a people manager, you are not afraid of some hands on work (configuration, , maintenance of servers and platforms)

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